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CONGRATULATIONS to the new LOCKUP Instructors who completed the intense five day LOCKUP Arrest and Control  – Train the Trainer program held in St. Paul MN

100% of attending students stated they would recommend this course to their peers. This is the 3rd SOLD OUT LOCKUP Instructor training held at the St. Paul Police Professional Development Institute.

Training should not be measured by the speed of acquisition, or by the level of skills reached in class, but in the performance in REAL world environments in post training settings.

TESTIMONIAL from your class.

“ I worked off duty at a university football game today 10.27.12  we had a male refuse to leave, displayed a  pre attack indicators, so I went with the wrist lock (drop) take down to arm drag turnover to lockup position. Worked like a charm. Thanks for the great class and great week! ” Ofc. T. Menton

Special thanks to Sergeant Ed Lemon who continues to bring his officers the most recent state the art approach to police combatives.

“Best system, made sense and easy to retain under stress.”
“Very effective and applicable to street use for all levels.”
“Passionate, not about his topic as much as how it will save lives! This makes all the difference.”
“As a trainer, very relevant. As an expert witness,worth its weight in gold.”
“Our DT program has been just flat. We are going in a whole new direction with LOCKUP.”
“Best instructor course I have ever attended.”
“A better way to instruct, new ideas and concepts to implement. Will give our dept. a system.”
“In my 20 years, the best and most useful class I have ever taken.”
“This class went beyond my expectations.”

“Lt. Dillon and I are both graduates of the Force Science® Institute’s Force Analyst Certification program.  Lt. Dillon strives to incorporate the latest understandings about human perception, cognition and decision making in his courses.  His adherence to such a high standard of training excellence keeps the L.O.C.K.U.P. curriculum fresh and at the vanguard of the trade-craft of police officer use of force instruction.   I highly recommend Lt. Dillon and his L.O.C.K.U.P. training programs for anyone interested in safe, effective and reasonably necessary use of force training.”
Sgt. Josh Lego
Certified Force Analyst / Expert Witness
Saint Paul (MN) Police Department



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