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The Soulis Shooting System is a law enforcement/military firearms program developed with one thing in mind, SURVIVABILITY. After years of tactical and live fire engagements, Pete Soulis developed a shooting program that, on countless occasions, saved his life. He, in turn, has saved the lives of numerous officers by teaching his system and preparing them to win deadly force engagements

This system saves lives because it is derived from street combat experience, not theory, and supported by factual data and medical expertise. In developing this system Pete Soulis identified three important issues that must be addressed to fully prepare the combatant to deal with deadly force situations and win.

For any firearms program to be successful it must first educate officers on the dynamics of shooting situations placing particular emphasis on preparing officers to mentally engage. The willingness to use deadly force is paramount and, without a doubt, the most important component of the Soulis System. Second, the officer must understand the benefits of being mentally and physically prepared and all that entails towards survivability when confronted by violence. Third, the officer must understand the importance of being tactically sound, of having a combative platform from which he/she can fight and shoot.

An officer needs a combative program which is designed to work when the officer is at his/her worst. With an emphasis on spontaneous engagements gross motor responses, the Soulis Shooting System enhances the officer’s natural reaction when confronted with a deadly force situation. It fine tunes the officer’s ability to operate effectively in close quarter environments, under high stress, while continuing to consistently place rounds on target. Soulis himself was able to maintain an 87% hit ratio after taking 5 rounds during a deadly force engagement. The Soulis Shooting System will substantially increase the officer hit/miss ratios during extremely high stress situations.

The Soulis Shooting System is a progressive shooting program designed to place more emphasis on realistic shooting techniques and methods of training that have been proven to be, not only effective, but also successful on the street. The Soulis Shooting System takes officers out of a static range environment and introduces them to a dynamic shooting environment, that is extremely physical, demanding and most important, realistic. Officers will train at 21 feet to contact, learn why it is vital to square up to threats, and understand how important a shooter’s natural point of aim is in a spontaneous gunfight.

There is no substitute for experience, and the training implemented in this shooting system is derived from just that – experience! This firearms program addresses the difficult questions that arise in training officer(s) to utilize deadly force. This has been referred to as “ going home shooting” and I believe that says it all for the founder of this program, “We go home, period.”

ABC “In An Instant”  featuredsoulis instant the famous 1997 Gunfight involving Pete Soulis and an armed suspect. Pete Soulis was ambushed during a car stop in 1997 by a murder suspect with two stolen handguns. Over 40 rounds were exchanged between Soulis and the suspect. Soulis prevailed! Watch the episode that aired on ABC.

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