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Santa Fe – New Mexico Conference – Use of Force for Executives

Santa Fe – New Mexico  – Riding Towards Progressive Law Enforcement Conference

Western States Sheriffs’ Association, New Mexico Sheriffs’ Association,  Texas Border Coalition and Southwestern Border Coalition

Presentations by Lt. Kevin Dillon (ret) Conference Sept. 15, 2014 Use of Force  – An Executives Perspective

Course Synopsis:

The training will examine the most recent and up to date issues that specifically impact executive, and mid-level managers concerning police use of force incidents. This broad overview concentrates on multiple issues ranging from daily officer citizen complaints to investigative issues involving deadly force encounters. Instruction uses lectures and demonstrations.

  • To Define Use of Force
  • To discuss 6 issues that create misunderstanding in use of force incidents
  • To apply the Fourth Amendment to use of force
  • To discuss officer behavior and accountability issues
  • To discuss de-escalation strategies
  • To discuss human attention and how it relates to use of force
  • To identify training issues and officer performance
  • To discuss use of force tracking, trending, reporting and analysis
  • To apply force application to police report writing
  • To discuss Electronic Control Weapons issues trends and training
  • To discuss training issues and voids
  • To discuss recent and future trends in police use of force
  • To discuss recent events concerning special populations
  • To discuss factors needed for analysis of a use of force incident
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