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Soulis Shooting Advanced Instructor Course

Middletown CT Police Department
Soulis Shooting Advanced Instructor Course
Sept 28 – Oct. 2, 2015

100% of attending students stated they would recommend this course  to their peers.

The Soulis Shooting Systems Firearms Instructor course is to provide advanced firearms skills to previously certified firearms instructors. The student will learn the fundamental and instructional principles of combat firearms tactics and marksmanship utilizing the Soulis Shooting System. This is NOT a basic firearms instructor class. Officer survival, the use of deadly force and firearms proficiency during situational stress will be covered in detail. Student will also be instructed in teaching methodologies needed to safely instruct other students in a safe environment as well effective drilling techniques and testing methods for student competency.


Human performance factors effecting combat efficiency.
Understanding how stress affects law enforcement officers during critical situations.
How to utilize automatic responses and gross motor skills.
Understanding the Psychophysiological reactions to use of force as it relates to shooter proficiency.
Mindset training for deadly force encounters.
Understanding critical stress and it’s effect on shooter performance.
Legal aspects governing use force issues.
Situational awareness with emphasis on recognizing pre-assault indicators.
Safety issues pertaining active firearms training.
Developing universal combat platforms to integrate all use of force options.
Integration drills from hands on to chemical agents, impact weapons to deadly force.
Proficiency in the 4 stages of the draw.
Target focus vs. front sight focused shooting.
Grip and trigger manipulation during close quarter engagements.
Grip and trigger manipulation for surgical shot placement.
Generating immediate movement from the draw.
90º & 180º degree turns and addressing oblique shooting angles.
Atypical shooting platforms and positions.
Forward, rear and lateral movements.
Instructor development skills.
Plus more!

Student requirements
Body armor · Duty Belt Issued sidearm
3 Magazines · Eye and Ear Protection
850 Rounds of practice ammunition
Baseball Cap and Raingear

Contact – Ofc. Frank Scirpo
Middletown CT Police Department
222 Main Street Middletown, CT 06457

ONLY $695.00
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