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Congratulations to the 22 officers who recently completed the SOLD OUT L.O.C.K.U.P. Train the Trainer held in St Cloud Florida in Jan. 2013. We are pleased to report that 100% of attending students rated the course at the highest level. We are honored to train with such professionals.

Special Thanks to Chief Pete Gauntlet and Officer Curtis Wesler of St Cloud PD for their professionalism and hospitality in providing this training. Their agency is fully committed to providing their officers with the skills in their core tasks such as controlling violent suspects.

Agencies Represented include:

  • Osceola County Sheriff’s Department
  • Indian River County Sheriff’s Department
  • Ormond Beach PD
  • Orange County Sheriff’s Department
  • St Cloud FL PD
  • Kissimmee FL PD
  • Orange County Sheriff’s Office
  • Uliks Gjonaj – Security – Switzerland

What the attending students had to say:

Please assess how this course met your overall expectations?
22 Evaluations were collected. 100% of attending students rated this course in the highest level of 5 (Excellent)
  • “This class exceeds my expectations.”
  • “Undoubtedly the best combatives /D.T/ course I’ve taken.”
  • “Loved it, want to take more.”
  • “Was above and over the top –exceeded every expectation I had prior to the class. Would take it again in a heartbeat!”
  • “Met and exceeded my expectations.”
  • “This course expectations. Learned about the importance of strategy along with real life techniques.”
  • “Reminder of very important tactics.”
  • “I was not expecting this course to be this physically demanding… I am a thrill seeker and I enjoyed every moment.”
  • “Relevant. On point – great pr
  • esentation.”
  • “Great practical skills.”
  • “Better than I expected the class to be.”
Was this program relevant to your work assignment?
22 Evaluations were collected. 20 of attending students rated this course in the highest level of 5 (Excellent) with 2 ratings of 4 Very Good
  • “Very thought out and executed, very knowledgeable about the subject.”
  • “Instructor is knowledgeable and well prepared.”
  • “Presentation was quality and experience.”
  • “Excellent. Instruction consistent with real world application.”
    “Everything was A+ best training yet.”
  • “Environment drill pushed you to realize how other things can affect your performance.”
  • “Great use of PowerPoint, videos and Binder. Best instructor manual I have ever seen.”
Would you recommend this training to other officers?
13 Evaluations were collected. (100%) of students rated this course in the highest level of 5 (Excellent)
  • Yes, Everyone that I know.”
  • “To everyone I speak to.”
  • “Only those who could meet the physical demands, most definitely yes.”
  • “This is a life saver.”
  • “I already have.”
  • “Without hesitation.”
  • “Yes, easily understood and anyone can learn.”
Evaluation question. Please assess the presenters of this program. – Lt. Kevin F. Dillon (ret) / Dep. Guy Samuelson / Ofc. Curt Wesler13 Evaluations were collected. (100%) of students rated this course in the highest level of 5 (Excellent)
  • All three know the program. Hands down would train with any of them again.”
  • “K.D” It was great to learn from someone with so much knowledge –with real life exp.”
  • “Every one of these instructors is motivated and completely committed to keeping LEO’s alive.”
  • “Very dynamic, passionate and give everything they got to their students.”
  • “They all pushed us to our limits but all with caution of injury.”
  • “Awesome. Gave positive feedback and were understanding to each students issue that may require adjustment.”
  • “Instructor was great, kept class engaged. Breaks given when needed. Good use of media. Tone and body language were excellent in order to keep classes attention.”
  • “Concept, scenario connections on point. Passionate about your training.”
  • “Knew the topic and presented it in a positive way.”
  • “Class act, best at what he does.”
  • “Very knowledgeable, well spoken, motivated.”
 L.O.C.K.U.P.®  Arrest and Control
5 Day  – Train the TrainerAn intensive 5-day training program on L.O.C.K.U.P.® Police Combat Arrest and Control – Train the Trainer. This course provides in-depth arrest and control confrontation training.  It develops a solid foundation of   de-escalation tactics, physical manipulation techniques with instructional methods that will certify the student as a Basic L.O.C.K.U.P. ® Arrest and   Control Instructor. The empty-hand skills can be relied upon by individual  officers or with a partner.  This system is a complete arrest and control    program that fully integrates all weapons systems of law enforcement.

  • Risk Management for Confrontations
  • Legal Aspects of Use of Force
  • Report Writing, Documentation and Tracking
  • Verbal Communication – Effective De-escalation Skills
  • Instructional Techniques to Fit the Employee
  • Trouble Shooting Combative Maneuvers
  • Fighting Tactics from Multiple Platforms
  • Decisive vs. Defensive Strategies
  • Team Communications and Takedowns
  • Police Ground Fighting Tactics
  • Training for Multiple Assailants
  • Managing and Documenting Training
  • Environmental Training
  • Physiological Changes During Human Aggression
Hosted by
St Cloud FL Police Department
3371 Cord Avenue St Cloud Florida, 34772
Contact—Ofc. Curt Wesler
Phone 407 891 6732








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