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TN – New LEADS Law Enforcement Active De-escalation Strategies Instructor Training

It was a pleasure and honor to present our Instructor Level training on L.E.A.D.S. Law Enforcement Active De-escalation Strategies Instructor Training held at the Roger D. Wilson Correctional Facility – Knoxville TN  Aug 9 – 11, 2023. The training was very well received, and all the officers participated actively throughout the entire presentation. They displayed high levels of enthusiasm, dedication, and professionalism throughout the physically intensive five-day training session. A review of the course evaluations revealed an overwhelming satisfaction rating from the attending members of the course. 

Student Evaluation Summary

L.E.A.D.S. Law Enforcement Active De-escalation Strategies Instructor Training
Roger D. Wilson Correctional Facility – Knoxville TN
Aug 9 – 11, 2023
Please assess the quality of this presentation.
16 out of 17 evaluations submitted rated this course at the highest level of excellent, one rated it very good


  • PowerPoints along with stories and videos of examples help to understand the material.
  • Awesome! Very detailed and knowledgeable.
  • I really enjoyed the training. The instructor was really entertaining and knew exactly what he was teaching.
  • The presentation kept my interest and attention. KD did an excellent job of never allowing a dull moment. He keeps us engaged the entire time.
  • The class was extremely interesting. I loved every second.
  • I’ve learned things that not only will help with my work life, but also my home life.
  • Presentation was very good, and instructor kept it interesting.
  • KD was a great instructor and the material is top notch. I can’t wait to deliver this to my staff.
  • Everything is very detailed, I loved this course. Very useful. KD was awesome.
  • Great material very useful.
  • Excellent job with definitions of terms as well as practical application.
  • Great instructor, keeps your attention, makes you understand. Great job Lt. KD

lease comment on the instruction of the program relevant to training aids multimedia and presentation.
15 out of 17 evaluations submitted rated this course at the highest level of excellent, two rated it very good.


  • The pictures are worth 1000 words
  • Very detailed and knowledgeable, the instructor practices what he preaches and was very good keeping the class fun and active.
  • It was very useful to put a visual with the terminology.
  • The training aides, paper charts and PowerPoint were very well used. There were technical issues but it wasn’t KD’s fault.
  • Great training aids and life example made it easy to retain the information.
  • KD done really well on teaching this class, love every minute of it, can’t say enough, best instructor I have had so far.
  • Great PowerPoint and videos were also good for illustration.
  • Presentation was awesome, all employees should go through this training.
  • Very good use of posted posters.

 Would you recommend this training to other officers?

100% of attending students rated this at the highest level (excellent) and stated they would recommend this course to their peers.


  • All new officers will greatly benefit from this and vet officers could use this as a reminder.
  • Highly would recommend. Especially for in service.
  • Absolutely this hands down been the most useful class
  • Yes, everyone in law enforcement can benefit.
  • I think this should be the standard in all jails to have this class before being allowed around inmates
  • Absolutely recommend this class for every line of work
  • Yes
  • I plan to recommend it to my law enforcement coworkers.
  • I believe every officer should go through it.
  • Yes very much.
  • Absolutely!! (3)

 Please assess the instructors of this program. Lieutenant Kevin Dillon (Ret)
100% rated the instructor in the highest category as (5) excellent.


  • Very good at getting his points across
  • Great! Loved how detailed the book and instructor was. Everything made sense
  • One of the best teachers I’ve personally had period he knew exactly what he was teaching he was by far the best instructor of any class I have attended in my career.
  • KD was excellent.
  • KD kept the class so interesting period kept my focus and the information stuck with me he has a perfect teaching style.
  • Keeps the audience engaged. High energy.
  • Very knowledgeable.
  • KD is great!
  • Lieutenant KD was the best instructor I’ve ever had.
  • KD is very good. Would love to attend more classes he teaches.
  • Best instructor I’ve had.
  • Utilized all three learning styles visual, auditory, kinesthetic.
  • One of the best instructors I have the privilege to learn under.
  • Very energetic and knowledgeable. One of the best courses I’ve attended.
  • Relevant, explain the theory behind the techniques. The program, to be able to execute and perform.
  • The program as described. Every portion was extremely well done.

 Please explain how this training will enable you to change or improve your present assignment.


  • Adding material to new hire orientation.
  • Being able to remain calm and fully deescalate when possible. Being able to pay attention to queues.
  • To better understand brain processes and now to deescalate situations it gave me a better understanding of how to approach my job.
  • It will allow me to better handle situations as a supervisor and CEO the information and knowledge I received in this course will definitely aid me in de escalating high tension and critical incidents.
  • It has equipped me with more hypothetical tools for my belt. It also helped me show that it is not weak to solve an incident without the use of force.
  • Show me a different output on how to deescalate strategies can help my job
  • this training can really change the game for our examiners as they deal with difficult customers.
  • I hope to reform my department with this mindset of training.
  • I will be able to use this in my work and home life looking forward to sharing this with my fellow officers helps to identify tactics already used and focused on why and how these practices work
  • the escalation, less officers injured and inmates less lawsuits, less hands on
  • professionally and personally.



 All course evaluations are kept on file in the office of KFD Training and Consultation LLC and are open for review.


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