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WI – L.E.A.D.S. Law Enforcement Active De-escalation Strategies -3 day Instructor Training

Madison Wisconsin Police Department
L.E.A.D.S. Law Enforcement Active De-escalation Strategies
3 day Instructor Training
March 29 – 31, 2023

It was a pleasure and honor to present our Instructor Level training on L.E.A.D.S., Law Enforcement Active De-escalation Strategies March 28 – 31, 2023 hosted by Madison Wisconsin. The training was very well received, and all the officers participated actively throughout the entire presentation. They displayed high levels of enthusiasm, dedication, and professionalism throughout the three-day training session. A review of the course evaluations revealed an overwhelming satisfaction rating from the attending members of the course.

This what the students had to say:

Please assess the quality of this presentation.
16 out of 20 participants rated this course is the highest category as (5) excellent, 4 rated it as (4) very good.

  • Would recommend
  • Such in depth and very educational
  • Great, multiple forms of teaching … Was engaged
  • Love your energy
  • Great material and presentation
  • Great
  • Excellent
  • Entertaining, informative and relaxing
  • Very informative, attention grabbing
  • Very informative lots of examples I can relate to work
  • Good quality, very interactive
  • Very well displayed /discussed, great room presentation.

Was this program relevant to your work assignment?
 18 out of 20 of participants rated this course is the highest category as (5) excellent, 2 rated this category as (4) Very good.

  • Will implement some relevant trainings
  • Yes!
  • Relevant, I work security so some of the use of force does not occur with my job as often.
  • Ability to communicate, deescalate and keep myself in rational thinking is daily as a patrolman
  • The information is spot on
  • Very much so I was able to get more insight on my De-escalation
  • Works well in hospital setting
  • Yes as an officer and F TOI deal with de-escalation constantly
  • Yes, sure was
  • Yes, all settings, another tool in the toolbox.
  • Dealing with people in crisis on a regular basis this will be extremely helpful ,
  • Yes very much so

Please comment on the instruction of the program relevant to training aids multimedia and presentation.
14 out of 20 participants rated this course is the highest category as (5) excellent. 6 rated it as very good.

  • All was good in my opinion
  • Visual, audio and hands-on learning! I love how he was able to explain in multiple ways!
  • Great videos and enthusiasm from the trainer, kept class attention
  • Good mixture of aids, kept my interest and filled the voids I had
  • instructor used great training aids. Good artwork as well
  • They were very helpful/fit material
  • Thorough and relevant
  • Very nice, just my learning style had difficulty ciphering the lesson of the brain and methods I know but it helps me look differently
  • Use of PowerPoint, visual And we’ll cater to all types of learners
  • Instructor is knowledgeable in the area of instruction
  • Awesome instruction. Very knowledgeable used good training aids
  • Multimedia PowerPoints were a little hard to follow at times
  • So many different avenues of teaching for all types of learners
  • Different visual aids utilized to cover many topics

Please assess the instructors of this program. Lieutenant Kevin Dillon (Ret)
19 out of 20 of participants rated this course is the highest category as (5) excellent. 1 rated it (4) very good.

  • Very knowledgeable, well spoken, in classroom friendly. Great person and teacher
  • It shows better problem solving. Active listening, tactical stalling and body language
  • Clear and concise info with examples. Genuinely cares and speaks with intent.
  • Very knowledgeable
  • Super knowledgeable in content, hard subject to teach to a judgmental career such as LE the presentation made me a believer.
  • Great instructor!
  • Amazing job Sir, thank you for your time and service
  • Excellent presentations
  • The instructor was very informative in kept the attention of the class and not allowing it to be another monotone training
  • High speed low drag
  • Very knowledgeable in multiple aspects as well as policing was able to incorporate these aspects together
  • As mentioned before, the instructor was excellent. K.D. Was very engaging and knowledgeable
  • Very knowledgeable
  • KD kept everything interesting. More class participation the beginning could be helpful.
  • One-of-a-kind man!
  • Knowledgeable and experienced showed
  • Pleasant / engaging knowledgeable and professional. Funny relatable not one moment was boring was well versed in the topic. Good use of videos news stories and other anecdotal evidence.

This is a nationally recognized conflict resolution de-escalation certification course. The L.E.A.D.S. ™ Plus T – Law Enforcement Active De-escalation Strategies Training was developed in 2007 and has been taught throughout the United States.

Through lectures, demonstrations, role play, and practical scenario applications, this course is an instructor-level program designed to qualify students in the L.E.A.D.S. ™ Plus T – Law    Enforcement Active De-escalation Strategies and Tactical Options Program. The course is classroom-based to educate and train instructors in positive communications skills, effective de-escalation techniques, anger management, and combat confrontation avoidance techniques. The course teaches how to recognize aggressive behaviors and keep them from escalating. Students learn Active De-escalation Strategies that can avoid or resolve negative interactions by employing effective de-escalation methods. This course also discusses tactical responses to use when diffusion tactics are inappropriate or ineffective and teaches distraction techniques that promote the success of tactical applications. This material is currently the state-adopted De-escalation System taught in each Academy.


  • learn how to turn negative communication into positive
  • identify professional benefits of respect
  • learn anger management techniques
  • learn effective verbal de-escalation strategies
  • community empowerment and partnership strategies
  • understand physiological changes during aggression
  • learn to use cognitive limitations for active diffusion
  • learn methods to redirect thought processes in positive direction
  • communicate and respond to special populations; (ex.-mental illness, autism, disabilities)
  • learn methods of motivational interviewing skills
  • learn tactically relocation strategies to delay confrontations
  • concepts of fair and impartial policing
  • learn to build community partnerships through daily interactions
  • learn to conduct breakout sessions for role-playing exercises
  • learn communication and physical strategies to de-escalate situations
  • learn how de-escalation and or the lack of is used in litigation plus more!

L.E.A.D.S.  – Law Enforcement Active Diffusion Strategies &  L.O.C.K.U.P.® Police Training Systems
FBI National Academy Associates 2022 Science and Innovation Award Recipient

Presently Instructed in the states of FL, CT, RI, MA, ND, MN, NH, PA, MO, MI, TX, SD, CO, AK, NE, CA, AZ, NM, UT and VT



Madison Police Training Center
5702 Femrite Dr. Madison, WI  53718

Christel Boeck
Training Coordinator

L.E.A.D.S. Law Enforcement Active De-escalation Strategies
3 day Instructor Training
Feb 13 – 15, 2023

Please rate the overall presentation

  • Super relevant and logical
  • The presentation was very well done
  • This class was excellent. The content should be given to all law enforcement.
  • Excellent presentation great course
  • All around great and not one complaint
  • Extremely relevant to the profession. Thought provoking.
  • Class engaged, had a combination of learning styles involved
  • High quality presentation which provided a lot of reasoning
  • Excellent content, LE focused as opposed to “pigeonholing” other programs to work in law enforcement application,
  • Highly dynamic involved teaching style.

Was this program relevant to your work assignment?

  • It was very relevant to my work assignment.
  • This content was applicable to everyday patrol and crisis negotiations will be able to integrate this very easily.
  • Yes, relevant to almost every aspect.
  • Absolutely. Another way of looking at things.
  • Yes, this is something I can use every shift I work patrol; I deal with the public a lot and traffic stops.
  • This program was very relevant and provided answers and explanations to what we already deploy.
  • Very good for contacts in office, home visits. Maybe some more help with probation and parole specific videos but great overall
  • Yes, as a supervisor and trainer
  • Yes, in a rural patrol de-escalation can be a lifesaver.
  • Very relevant, can and will use this every day at work.

Please assess the instructors of this program.

Instructors Lt. Kevin Dillon (ret)
19 out of 19 students of the evaluations collected rated this category as excellent.

  • Knowledgeable and engaging
  • K.D. was one of the best instructors I have ever had. I feel that any class he taught I would try to attend.
  • Thank you for the very well-presented class. I found the material very helpful.
  • Lieutenant Kevin Dillon is a master at his craft. His knowledge and instruction style is superior fantastic, he has found a great outlet for his ADHD.
  • He was incredible, his knowledge, energy, and attitude was outstanding.
  • Lieutenant Dillon is dynamic in engaging and complements the two hats we wear very well. It’s a perfect balance of communication and safety.
  • K.D. was extremely engaged. He is clear through the confidence of his presentation that he is a master of the content and stands by it.
  • Knowledgeable, in the way it was presented made it interesting kept class engaged, enforced what was being taught through stories, didn’t keep it serious all the time.
  • Excellent knowledge base, stories, illustrations relative to work Kevin Dillon brought energy to the class to keep everyone engaged throughout the presentation.
  • K.D. did a great job as always kept everyone engaged all three days
  • Kevin was extremely professional and even more personable.
  • Never questioned the knowledge base
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