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New Haven CT – Triple Instructor Certification SOLD OUT!

New Haven CT – Triple Instructor Certification SOLD OUT!

Handcuffing – O.C. Spray & Expandable / Straight Police Baton
January 25 – 29, 2016
0830 – 1630 Hours Daily

CONGRATULATIONS to the 30 graduating officers from CT and NY who successfully completed the L.O.C.K.U.P. Triple Instructor Certification program held in New Haven CT. The week was mentally and physically challenging and the officers completed it with high energy and enthusiasm. This course is a one of a kind that integrates all weapons of law enforcement ending in L.O.C.K.U.P. handcuffing position.  This course is not driven by a product driven lesson plan but one for law enforcement usage. All law enforcement use of force is designed to obtain control. See what the attending students had to say.

Please assess how this course met your overall expectations.
If this course was fantastic. All officers should have to attend this class.
The content was useful and practical.
Focused on key techniques to be utilized and build upon on patrol.
I was happy with a large amount of mat time.
The content provided was in some cases new to any past training and will be a valuable tool to any departmental training.
Any and all lockup related courses are great.
Was able to cover a lot of material and a relatively short period of time.
Course was well prepared.
Great course, great instructors.
Much better than anticipated.
And loved the program, baton blocks have issues.
Actually better than I expected great instructors and great class mates.
Please assess the quality of this presentation.

Presentation was clear, concise, and well organized.
Instructors were knowledgeable and motivating.
Information focused on key aspects of training.
I appreciate both instructors going above and beyond it not just standing in front of the class.
Brandon and Pat did an excellent job of the presentation and explanation each exercise than incorporation of previously learn skills.
The trainers were knowledgeable and professional.
Great hands on material.
Informative and not overly broad. Focused on key aspects of training.
Great quality from explanation to demo.
Highest level!
Well organized and instructed.
Was the program relevant to your work assignment?
Absolutely. Anyone in police work should be mandated to take this.
Yes we never know when we will need this, but when we do it is paramount.
Tactics very relevant two patrol work, especially for the active officer.
I will absolutely applied the fifth time techniques.
Yes I will be instructing these concepts in the future.
Very real, very relevant.
Yes, wish more handcuffing orientated as it used thus far the most in policing.
I felt it was a great class for any officer, not just for potential instructors.
100% sharpened a perishable skill.

Please assess the instructors in this program
The instructors were excellent, very knowledgeable with the material.
Lt. Buckley and Brandon Lagueux did a great job and work very well together as a team. They are valuable instructors for your organization.
Lt. Dillon is both dynamic in both lecture in on the mats.
All the instructors helped me how to understand the material and the LOCKUP programs.
Very engaging and personable to keep class focused. When instructors demonstrate techniques it is obvious that they are very for proficient.
The instructors were knowledgeable in the subject at hand and very motivated as well.
Lieutenant Buckley and Brandon went above and beyond to help me succeed with the training. They were more than willing to spend one on one time to help me achieve the class goals.
Proficient and knowledgeable and they’re great and excellent at communicating.
Lt. Dillon, great as always Lt. Buckley excellent trainer knowledgeable, Brandon did a very good job.
Lt. Dillon, always a good class instructor, I look forward to the next time.
Brandon Lagueux, good instructor, professional and nice guy, Lt. Buckley greatly instructor knowledgeable and good facilitator.
All instructors were knowledgeable, safety orientated and professional.
The instructors did great job in breaking down in explaining each technique and how they can be realistically performed in the field.

Handcuffing Instructor Training

Nomenclature of the hinged and chain link handcuffs.
Legal aspects of use of force and handcuffing
Handcuffing passive and resistant suspects.
Practical exercises of handcuffing maneuvers.
Departmental policy sample discussion.
Demonstrate the ability to perform team
Takedowns and handcuffing maneuvers.
Documentation and report writing.
Safe Removal of handcuffs from suspects.
Controlling handcuffed combatants.
L.O.C.K.U.P. ® tactics integrated.

Oleoresin Capsicum (OC) Spray Instructor Training

Identify the various ingredients and strengths of (OC) spray.
Identify current legal/policy issues in the use of (OC) spray.
Identify the physical, psychological and physiological effects
Management protocols re: medical, and de-contamination procedures.
Identify the most effective (OC) delivery methods.
Identify the flammable characteristics of (O.C.) spray.
Identify the placement of OC on the “Use of Force Spectrum”.
Identify pre-existing medical conditions that may be aggravated by OC.
Identify verbal commands/warnings that should accompany deployment of OC.
Properly documenting the use of OC.
Tactical considerations: various canisters, holsters, and retention.
Draw techniques.
Perform a tactical OC exposure and restraint of a simulated “active” resistive subject.

Baton Instructor Training Straight & Expandable

Legal aspects of police use of force.
Baton deployment and purpose.
Baton justification.
Basic baton strikes.
Body mechanics and footwork.
Documentation and tracking use of force.
Baton nomenclature.
Baton blocking principals.
Baton body manipulations.
Trouble shooting student performance.
L.O.C.K.U.P. ® tactics integrated.

New Haven CT Police Department
Training Site – 200 Wintergreen Avenue, New Haven, CT
Contact – Sgt. Elliot Rosa
Email –
Cell Phone – 203-815-3783

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