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Kissimmee, FL – Responding to Violence with Strategies and Tactics


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Osceola County Sheriff’s Office


Responding to Violence with Strategies and Tactics

Tuesday Feb. 25, 2020 0800 to 1700

A Tag team presentation by two internationally recognized experts, this course will discuss and address an integrated approach when responding to violence with the community. This eight hour seminar is designed as an integrated response for Police, EMS and Fire agencies. The key to responding to violence is to prepare strategically, emotionally and tactically. The first step is to acknowledge that violent attacks can happen to you, the second is to take steps to prevent and prepare to respond to it.

Lt. Kevin F. Dillon (Ret)
International Speaker and Trainer
L.O.C.K.U.P. Police Training

Lt. Col. Dave Grossman (Ret)
U.S. Army (Ret) – Director, Killology Research Group


• The threat to our nation and the desperate need for an integrated response.
• Recent explosion of violence, against first responders and society.
• Possibility of terrorist attacks on our soil, and on our schools:
• A model seen around the world.
• A mindset of preparation, embrace the responsibility to protect. and respond
• Preparation saves us twice. Physically and psychologically.
• Understanding the principals of risk management for personal safety.
• Learning techniques to enhance environmental and situational awareness.
• Learn methods of effective verbal de-escalation strategies for human communications.
• Integrated responses for “special population” incidents. Police/Fire/Dispatch and EMS.
• How to control your psycho-physiological changes during aggression and violence.
• Learn methods to re-direct the thought process for a tactical advantage.
• Direct application of sports and performance psychology to successful performance during life-and-death events.
• Reality based training as a revolution in performance in life-and-death circumstances.
• Reality based drills for to enhance performance under stress. “Captain Sullenberger response.”

Lt. Kevin Dillon (ret) is a highly sought after speaker and international trainer. He has developed 2 nationally recognized programs and gives presentations to civilian workplace professionals for the past 13 years in Active Diffusion Strategies. The techniques and methods he instructs are evidence based and retainable. Civilian workplace professionals such as educational institutions, airline industries, real estate organizations, hospital medical staff, probation and court counselors He has appeared on CNN, NPR and multiple other radio talk shows for law enforcement tactics and civilian responses to human aggression and violence.

Hosting Contact

Osceola County Sheriff’s Office
Lt. Mark Nagy Email / 407.348.1110

Training to be conducted at Osceola County Sheriff’s Office
2601 E. Irlo Bronson Memorial Hwy.
Kissimmee FL 34744


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