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MA State Police – Police Ground Fighting Instructor Course SOLD OUT!

Massachusetts State Police
L.O.C.K.U.P.® Ground Fighting Instructor Training   SOLD OUT!
Sept 28 – Oct. 2, 2015
0800 to 1600

100% of attending students recommend this program to their peers. Read what the students had to say:

Course Expectations
• Great class and real life training.
• I expected to re-learn everything I already learned. To the contrary: nearly everything that was taught was a new and realistic tactic to use in police work.
• Exceeded my expectations.
• I wish Massachusetts would adopt this type of training.
• Unarmed ground combatives are specifically designed for officers.
• Great course highlighted the fact we need to continue to train.
• Great course that exceeded my expectations.
• It was better than I expected.
• Fantastic instruction and techniques. Very realistic scenarios based training that exceeded my expectations.
• Put officers’ actions in context of ground defense program not just BJJ.
• I came into this class with prior experience. I entered this class with an open mind.
• I definitely enjoyed the course and the techniques used.

Please assess the quality of the presentation?
• All instructors include assistants seemed to know the material as well as the lead instructor.
• Remedial training and great quality no matter who taught.
• Top notch.
• Well rounded, hit all aspects of ground and getting to the ground.
• knowledgeable and very open to questions.
• I think shorter days over a larger period would help absorb the instruction.
• Instructors were able to answer questions and offer their version of techniques for offices where there was size strength differences.
• Excellent training and demo.
• Excellent demonstrations and answers to questions. Scenarios were a big plus.
• All the material and instruction was excellent.
• Enjoyed the classroom portion as well.
• Very clear instruction that comes easy to follow.
• Rob and Jess were excellent instructors and answered all questions and PowerPoint was good. PowerPoint on second day was good.
• I thought day 3 was overload. Technique to control to technique became a blur. I think we had enough time to spread it out.
• Instructor Rob was a great coach / instructor. He explained and demonstrated the techniques in a manner which was easy to learn.

Was this program relevant to your work assignment?
• I would be very interested in the smaller stature counter measures.
• Absolutely! Most of the moves were simple if taught to students in small chunks they could pick it up and use it in real life.
• Definitely!
• Yes!
• Police work is becoming more dangerous, this should be mandated.
• Do some more techniques using jacket or bigger clothing for winter encounters.
• Yes!
• Great tactics and with no other use of force it was beneficial to see how to finish moves.
• Every technique was relevant and shown in a real world application.
• Yes as a DT Instructor everyone should take.
• Yes, although I am in DB it actually is more sense we have less tools than line officers.

Instructors Det. Rob Magao and Sgt. Jesse Stone, Trp Earl Johnson
• They explain the techniques so we could understand it and were willing to do so over and over.
• Great course and great and enthusiastic instructors.
• Top of the food chain.
• KD/Rob/Jesse and Earl all very knowledgeable and each bring different skills to the training.
• All the instructors were very good and extremely knowledgeable. Excellent staff.
• And very knowledgeable and willing to help, awesome guys.
• All the instructors were excellent, professional, and helpful and gave instruction to specific questions.
• The instructors were knowledgeable in what they taught. I thought that the class was going to be super easy and a lot of patty cake BS, it was anything but!
• Knew the material and related it to the real world scenario.
• I have had a lot of training and the instructors for LOCKUP are some of the best around. Very helpful and knowledgeable of subject matter. You can see its not just training they are doing it is to potentially save a life.
• Instructors did a fantastic job explaining the techniques and sharing how they have applied in real world scenarios.
• While a lot of material was given out Rob and Jesse made sure we knew what was going on before moving on and keeping the million what ifs to a minimum.
Knowledge base is unbelievable. Outstanding sometimes too much with counters with knowledgeable student asking. May be easier to say come see me at the break.

Please explain how this training will enable you to change or improve your present assignment?

• This training will help start a defensive tactics / LOCKUP Program within the Department.
• This made me more aware of many better tactics to use.
• Most police organizations are decades behind the current level of necessary training. This course should be taught in every department.
• I deal with difficult individuals daily and I’m sure these skills will be used as early as today.
• Our program is somewhat dated and we can alter strike blocks with elbow strike, remove improbable sweeps and sport submissions with practical movements. Much more comfortable with takedowns and counter measure on the ground.
• The knee and pry (hands under body) was very useful and simple to use. Keep the Rear Sentry takedown with both signal and double hands… Overall very useful for all techniques …the two the stood out are listed above.
• I am currently assigned to the training academy and we are required to teach LOCKUP.
• Having trained in BJJ you can become too focused on grappling and forgot your tools. This course bridges the gap between BJJ and LE applications.
• Will steal multiple lessons from instructors. Thank you for coming and teaching.
• I am better prepared as a result of the training. I have good working knowledgeable of useful police tactics.
• Incorporate drills in the stress training, not just exertion drills.

Topics Include:
The L.O.C.K.U.P. ® Police Combat System
Understanding the dynamics of law enforcement engagements
Environmental and situational awareness
Integration of standing arrest and control tactics
Understand the limitations when involved in grounded combat
Falling and rolling techniques
One Leg Takedown
Ground Positions – Mount, Guard and Side Control Platforms
Police Ground Fighting vs. Sport Grappling
Counter Offense from the Guard Position
Counter Offense from the Mounted Position
Maintaining and Escaping the Side – Control
Submission Holds to L.O.C.K.U.P. Handcuffing positions
Weapon Retention from a Grounded Position
Forearm Fusion Handgun Defense Techniques
Drawing from Grounded Positions

BDU Style Pants · Boots with ankle support· Body Armor · Groin protection
Full duty belt · Red Gun · No shorts.

Hosted By
Massachusetts State Police
340 West Brookfield Rd. – New Braintree MA 01531
Contact – Training Coordinator Trp Earl Johnson
Email – earl.johnson@MassMail.State.MA.US
Phone 508.867.1505
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